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Brenda Howard, Bisexual Activist, and my Earthgirl

12/24/1946 - 06/28/2005
1 Tevet 5707 - 21 Sivan 5765
May Her Memory Be for a Blessing

By Lawrence "Larry" Nelson, her SpaceAlien

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May her family and Friends be comforted among all mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

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Here is ONLY a SMALL number of items about Brenda.  
1946 Born Dec. 24, in the Bronx
1964 Graduated Syosset High School
1970'sLong time chair of the Gay Activists Alliance (GAA)
1970'sMember of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF)
1969/70Major player in the First March after Stonewall. (Christopher Street Liberation Day March)
She coordinated the 1-month anniversary rally and the 1-year rally/march (after STONEWALL) which became the annual Pride March which we all celebrate to this day.
1970'sCame up with the idea of "pride week"
Member of the Christopher Street Liberation Day Committee
[need better dates]
1976-78Attended and graduated from Manhattan Community College with an AAS degree in Nursing
198?'sFacilitated the "Polymorphous Perverts and Switchables" SIG at TES.
(Need better dates. Does anyone know when this was?)
Found a winter 1987 TES Newsletter listing this group (now call only Switchables) as well as bi sm discussion group
1987 Was the female co-chair of the leather contingent for the '87 March on Washington.
1987Co-Founder of the New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN)
Arrested for the cause in Maryland
1980'sWas avidly involved in the National Leather Association local chapter (Metro)
Arrested for the cause in Chicago Illinois [while demonstrating for national healthcare and for fair treatment of woman, people of color and people with AIDS.]
Arrested for the cause in Dekalb County Georgia
[Found on the internet: An ACT-UP protest at the state capitol in protest of the firing of a lesbian from the state attorney general's office because she was an unconvicted felon due to the same Georgia sodomy law]
April 25
Brenda was part of the core group of bi delegates (and some gay activists} who actively lobbied and educated gay and lesbian delegates from around the country
who successfully got bisexual into the title of the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bi Equal Rights and Liberation.
1994Worked on the Gay Games (see pictures section) if anyone know what see did please tell me
1994Worked on the Stonewall 25.
Found a pride guide that listed her under Coordinating Committee, Direct Action as "Outreach Domestic".
Found a memo from 1/7/94 that had her listed as a member of the Steering Committee
1996Spoke at NERP (Northeast Regional Pride), a yearly meeting of Pride groups in the northeast. Hosted in 1996 by Queens Pride (QGLPC)
6/28/2005@10:40 Passed away from Colon Cancer in Jamaica (Queens/NYC) NY

Services Information

The Services was held on Sunday 7/3/05 at 10AM
Schwartz Brothers Memorial Chapel
114-03 Queens Boulevard (Corner of 76th Road)
Forest Hills NY 11375
(718) 263-7600
The family and I would like to thank all that came. Not including the "family", there was about 35 persons there.

Memorial Information

A memorial was held on July 31 at 12-2pm Room 301 at the
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
208 W 13th Street, New York, NY 10011
see http://www.gaycenter.org for directions

Update 7/31/05 7:14pm: (1) started late 12:15-12:20 (2) ended very late 2:45-2:50 I counted from 55-60 people who should up. We had 2 speaker not show up. And sadly Dyke-TV also could not make it. I tried to record the event and got most of it. Had problems doing but I so far had it in two chunks Update 8/2/0 11:30pm: I would like to thank all the friends of Brenda that showed up. Afterwards it hit me I forgot to have a signing book so I do not know who to thank.
9/18/2005The Queens Chapter of PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) announces the creation of the "Brenda Howard Award" in memory of the late bisexual activist Brenda Howard.
See http://www.pflag-queens.org for more information
You can also click here to see the 9/18/2005 press release http://www.nyabn.org/brenda/documents/BrendaHoward-PressRelease.txt. (Will open new window)
 Other items
  • She Ran the New York Area Bisexual Network info line. Recording messages that give out info about NYC bi groups and returning calls.
    She got the number listed in the (now Verizon) yellow pages and the center happenings and other newspapers
  • She ran many groups at "The Center", the bi-sm and bi-AA groups to name only two.
  • She was a member of BiPAC a bi activist group for many years in the 80s and 90s
  • She was involved in countless activist projects and campaigns on behalf of the whole GLBT communities
  • Arrest information was obtain from legel paper found amoung her papers. If you know more dates/information please tell us
If you have any information including photos about Brenda you would like to add or any corrections please send it to me at: brendahoward@nyabn.org
btw: Her Hebrew name is Brana Bat Sirka U Shmuel Hirsh

click here to see her obit in Gay City News

added 08/13/05 click here to see read Gay City News story on the memorial

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**NEW 8/16/05** Bisexual.org has place a memorial message on their webpage

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Brenda is soon to honored by being listed with other famous community leaders on the ATR memorial gardens webpage
it can be found at http://www.atruerose.com/memgarden/memorial-garden.html (click on the gate to enter)

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