Brenda Howard 12/24/1946 - 06/28/2005

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Larry / Spacealien |
OMG my Earthgirl, I can't believe that it is now EIGHT years since you left us! Your memory still gives me the drive to keep going in all my activism. I know you are up there watching over us and keep us save. I still miss you and I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Always, your SpaceAlien Always! :-(
FridayJune/28/2013 10:40:38 - Jamaica

Larry / Spacealien |
WOW Honey, today would have been your 66th Birthday! Happy birthday my Earthgirl I and all your friends still MISS YOU dearly! You may be gone but you are never forgotten! *BIG HUG* LOVE YOU!
MondayDecember/24/2012 00:21:00 - Jamaica

Larry |
OMG my Earthgirl, I can't believe that it is now SEVEN years since you left us! Your memory still gives me the drive to keep going in all my activism. I know you are up there watching over us and keep us save. I still miss you and I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Always, your SpaceAlien Always! :-(
ThursdayJune/28/2012 10:40:33 - Bayside, NY

SpaceAlien / Larry |
Yesterday would have been your 65th Birthday! Happy birthday my Earthgirl I still MISS YOU! You may be gone but never forgotten! *BIG HUG*
SundayDecember/25/2011 11:19:39 - Jamaica

Sweetleif |
Hey Lady, miss you much thank you for all good things you have done for us & everything you taught me when I was a baby subbie & new to this lifestyle all those years ago. See ya when I get there :x
TuesdayNovember/15/2011 23:48:13 - New York City

Lisa Verruso |
Hey Brendy, After six years I sometimes still think that I just haven't spoken to you on the phone for a few days.crazy, huh?? It's a tribute to your intensity & strength which infused every aspect of your character. Your huge heart, incredible sense of humor, untiring "fight", & unending love that was extra special because you never suffered fools! A light left my world and so many others when you had to leave us Brendy. The world lost a beacon & I know you shine as the brightest star in the midnight blue sky. You were one of my dearest friends Brendy for 20 yrs. and I miss you more than you could ever know. Until we see each other again Brendy, know that you are forever in my heart & my thoughts. You made me better Brendy; I love & miss you always. Love, Lisa xoxoxoxo
TuesdayJune/28/2011 22:17:26 - Whitestone, New York

Larry |
OMG Brenda,I can't believe that it is SIX years since you left us - I still miss you I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Always, your SpaceAlien!! :-(
TuesdayJune/28/2011 01:36:42 - Jamaica, NY

Kamolwan Panyasevanamit |
came across Brenda Howard on a social activists list while doing an assignment on social activists, focusing on gender equality (:
FridayMay/20/2011 21:11:42 - Bangkok, Thailand

I was assigned to be Brenda for my AP US History class. I started not knowing anything about Brenda but now I am honoured to represent her.
ThursdayMarch/24/2011 15:47:03 - NJ

Dani Roe |
I am a leader in our school's Gay-straight organization and I am doing a power-point over brenda howard this week to help aid our topic of Bi-sexuality. She was truly an inspiration, and I was very happy to know her life works
ThursdayFebruary/17/2011 19:06:37 - Galveston

SpaceAlien / Larry |
Brenda my love, today would have been your 64rd Birthday and to answer the question the Beatles song asks, I still need you! Happy birthday my Earthgirl I MISS YOU! You may be gone but never forgotten! *HUGS*
FridayDecember/24/2010 01:21:12 - Jamaica, NY

Laurie Equality Damiana |
I am a little late for CBD (blame grad school) but I wanted to leave my love for Brenda here. And I love you, too, Larry.
SundaySeptember/26/2010 03:30:58 - Norfolk, VA

To recognize Bisexuality Day, I thought a message here might be appropriate. I miss you. Thank you for making the world a better place.
ThursdaySeptember/23/2010 11:42:31

Your Spacealien |
Boy I can not believe It but it is now FIVE years since you left us - I still miss you I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Always, your SpaceAlien!
MondayJune/28/2010 21:48:32 - Jamaica, NY

Brendy, I know you are so "present" & you are most definitely with us. I know this because it is your love, your life force, & your indomitable spirit that are by Larry's side making certain that he gets stronger every day. Keep working your magic Brendy & Larry will be stronger than ever, carrying on the work that you both were & are so amazing at & so very much needed. Larry needs your aura around him more than ever & you have been aces for him as he was for you. Thanks Brendy, for a lifetime of everythings!! xoxoxoxo, Lisa
MondayJune/28/2010 21:29:13 - NYC

Dear Brendy, I can't think of any event, any cause, or any random day spent talking & laughing as dear friends that has been benefited in any way in these past five years. The obvious fact Brendy is that we are all feeling your loss greater with each passing year. Thankfully, you pioneered so many of the "good fights" with such relentless passion that your dedication, heart, love & spirit will live for all time. We were good, solid, "always got your back" friends for twenty years which I am so incredibly grateful for. I miss you, treasure you, & love you always Brendy. How very blessed I am that you came into my life & the brightest star in the midnight blue sky is & always will be you Brendy. Until we see each other again my darling friend you are forever in my heart. Love Always, Lisa
MondayJune/28/2010 21:14:41 - NYC

Sheryl |
I remember Brenda's face but not her name. I'm glad to have a name and history to put to the face I remember. She would hang out at Bronx United Gays, which was a group that my moms put together. It was the first gay group in the Bronx. I was a child and would hang out in the storefront, which was the meeting room for BUG.
SaturdayJune/26/2010 22:16:08 - Minneapolis

Larry - Your SpaceAlien |
Today would have been your 63rd Birthday! Happy birthday my Earthgirl I MISS YOU! You may be gone but never forgotten! *HUGS*
ThursdayDecember/24/2009 01:42:33 - Jamaica, NY

Dennis Hambridge |
Forever the Mother Of PRIDE and a founder of our organisation On behalf of the Gay Activists Alliance international
WednesdayJuly/8/2009 13:10:07 - UNITED KINGDOM

SpaceAlien |
Today is not only the 40th anniversary of Stonewall and the march that you started, its also been 4 years that you left us. I still miss you! I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Love Always, your SpaceAlien!
SundayJune/28/2009 01:01:32 - Jamaica, NY

Julene Mays |
Brenda was crazy, fun, resillient, strong in her beliefs, and driven to make a difference. She was many things, but never boring! Brenda enjoyed life. I will absolutely never forget her.
TuesdayJanuary/13/2009 18:12:59 - New Jersey

Dennis Hambridge |
Your memory lives on in our work today for LGBTI Equality and Human Rights globaly What Brenda and GAA colleagues fought for yesterday we carry on the campaign today Dennis H GAA international
FridayJanuary/9/2009 07:57:10 - Oxford United Kingdom

Your Spacelien |
Another birthday without you. I still miss you on what would have been your 62th Birthday. Happy birthday Earthgirl *HUGS*
WednesdayDecember/24/2008 01:29:12 - Jamaica, NY

great woman, i only hope that all lgbt people of my country think like her.
SaturdayDecember/6/2008 08:55:19 - morroco

Dear Brendy, Three years later I miss you just as much if not more. Countless days I remember with joy how witty, silly, intelligent, & relevant you were & always are in my heart. Your presence on this planet was a gift & in my heart that precious gift of friendship we shared lives forever. One day again Brendy, we'll see each other again & laugh like old times. Love Forever, Lisa
SaturdayJune/28/2008 23:38:37 - New York

Larry |
It's three years now and I still miss you! I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. Always, your SpaceAlien!
SaturdayJune/28/2008 00:03:18 - Jamaica, NY

ethan rogers |
in memory of a truly great woman who fought for what she believed in.
SaturdayJune/21/2008 13:30:30 - orlando, florida

Pat Williams |
Cool site.
ThursdayMay/22/2008 02:55:07 - USA

SpaceAlien |
How did I miss posting this! Yesterday would have been your 61st birthday! Happy Birthday earthgirl! I STILL miss you! *HUGS* 12/25/07
TuesdayDecember/25/2007 11:36:04 - Jamaica, NY

Larry |
Another Thanksgiving without you. Still missing you! Thank you for being part of my life as short as it was. I will never forget you. Love your "SpaceAlien" 11/22/07
ThursdayNovember/22/2007 10:18:44 - Jamaica, NY

Larry |
6/28/07 It's two years now and I still miss my Earthgirl! I will always love you and miss you. Thank you for coming into my life. With much love, your SpaceAlien!
FridayJune/29/2007 01:56:10 - Jamaica, NY

Lisa Verruso
Dearest Brendy, 2 years have can that possibly be? You are one of the truly valuable, shining stars with a heart and soul to match that this planet so deeply misses and I so INCREDIBLY miss ewvery day my dear friend. Forvever Brendy, you are in my heart. Your convictions, values, and goodness have changed this world for the better. Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with laughter. I love you Brendy and with all my heart I mis you. Thank you my darling Brendy for being my friend. Until we meet again one day, see ya then Brendy. All My Love Forever, Lisa.6/28/07
FridayJune/29/2007 01:05:38

TuesdayMay/22/2007 17:41:14 - ljubljana, slovenija

Carla Bashford |
I'm sorry to hear of Brenda's death. We were friends when I lived in the city a decade ago but lost touch after I got married and moved away. Thanks for maintaining this website for her.
ThursdayApril/5/2007 21:48:08 - Allentown,PA

Philip Bennett |
I never met or knew Brenda. Now I'll never get the chance to. Those who did are the fortunate ones. Let's all be good to ourselves, while we still can.
SaturdayMarch/10/2007 23:12:54 - Bklyn, NY

Jessica |
i agree with you
TuesdayFebruary/20/2007 14:33:51 - Waynesville


MondayJuly/11/2005 14:57:19 - DONEWITZ@AOL.COM

Jesse Lokahi Heiwa |
may we all continue the efforts in support of liberation and justice that Brenda pioneered. while we are sad about her passing, it's up to us to keep alive her spirit, may our memories of her become a catalyst for action for generations to come
SundayJuly/10/2005 21:49:09 - New York City metro

Yael |
I got to know Brenda online and used to chat with her often a few years ago. We have not been as much in touch lately and I am very sorry to hear about her passing. Brenda has always been a very caring person. My condolences to all friends and family. God bless.
SundayJuly/10/2005 05:34:03 - Germany

JJ |
Even in sadness there is much to learn and be thankful for. Brenda's the real deal, as is our love. Our respect and deepest sympathy to her friends and family.
FridayJuly/8/2005 18:27:45

Mr. Z The Gentleman |
I'll never forget you or the pinball machine in the old Lure! Larry, my condolences - a great person is gone but her love remains!
FridayJuly/8/2005 14:45:13

Suzin |
I spent about 4 years with Brenda, some of which were very challenging, as many of you probably know. But overall, I gained a lot and am glad I had that time with her. Her passing is a huge loss to many communities and individuals.
FridayJuly/8/2005 14:00:40

Rick Umbaugh |
We are all a little diminished to have lost such a valuable member of our community. I'm deeply sorry to hear of her death.
FridayJuly/8/2005 13:37:12

Lolita Wolf |
I first met Brenda at the TES Polymorphous Perverts SIG. She did a lot to chamge our world.
FridayJuly/8/2005 10:07:53

Jay LaCroix |
Brenda was one of a kind.She could be warm and loving, but she had a mind of her own. She overcame many problems and showed great courage. She was a kind and loving woman
ThursdayJuly/7/2005 22:30:07

Lawrence Nelson |
Welcome to the guest book for the late Brenda Howard. If you know Brenda please leave a message on how you knew her. Also feel free to send me or her family a message.

- Larry -
WednesdayJuly/6/2005 15:36:03

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